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Mon.-Thurs. = $249 per day

Fri.-Sun. = $279 per day


Made on a first-come, first serve basis.

A $99 deposit is required for confirmation.


Choose one block to attend per day:

Morning (9:00am-12:00pm), Afternoon (1:00pm-4:00pm), or Evening (6:00pm-9:00pm)

Intermittent breaks are given as needed.  Couple's assignments are given for completion during free time.  Time is also set aside for sight-seeing and relaxing.

Colorado Pre marriage Counseling Course

Colorado Pre Marriage Counseling CourseSo you've popped the question--now what? Pre marriage counseling is one of the top recommended things any couple can do before their wedding day. With this in mind, we are very proud to offer our Premarital Counseling Course because we believe it is the BEST thing a couple can do before they say, "I do."  This pre marriage counseling program is not only unique and thorough, but it is also fun, engaging, and memorable.  While receiving and experiencing the best premarital counseling advice available, we fully expect this time to be one of the most wonderful periods of your life together.

In this pre marriage counseling program, we will cover all aspects of marriage and answer whatever premarital counseling questions you may have--everything from expectations to intimacy and from spousal roles to in-laws and parenting will be covered.  Our goal is to fully prepare you and your future spouse for success!  Yet, along with expert premarital counseling, you and your soon-to-be spouse will build life-time memories together, strengthen your communication skills, and greatly increase your chances for lifelong intimacy, as you not only discuss but experience this essential time of marriage preparation through our marriage encounters.  While you and your future spouse have the opportunity to rock climb together, experience the great outdoors through hiking, go caving, and more, our pre marriage counseling experts will also guide the two of you step-by-step through discovering your roles and complimentary personality characteristics, building your bonds and communication skills, and increasing your intimacy and love for one another.  Without doubt, your premarital counseling questions will be answered and you and your marriage will be well on its way to lasting a lifetime!

If you need hotel accommodations, we can arrange your stay at the very nice Glen Eyrie Castle.  (You may stay at another hotel, as desired.)

christian pre marriage counseling and prematial counseling questionschristian pre marriage counseling colorado springs and premarital counseling questions


"I wanted to thank you very much for being supportive from the first time I emailed you. Your phone consultation gave me a feeling of hope that I have not had for a long time."


Sessions take place between the couple and therapist and are confidential according to Colorado state law. Group session with other couples are not part of the program, unless specifically requested or predetermined.

**Military Discount (10% Off) - Contact Us for Details**

Free Hour Consultation

The Rock Your Marriage team is founded by Jordan Hall to help solidify marital relationships. Jordan Hall, M.A. is a psychotherapist in Colorado Springs and founder of Rock Your Marriage. Contact Jordan for your free consultation to assess your relationship needs.  Call (719)362-0796.

Marriage Challenge

A free step-by-step guide to help you solidify your relationship in 7 days, right from your own home.


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